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SCADA Based for Industrial Gas Monitoring and Controlling System

SCADA Based for Industrial Gas Monitoring and Controlling System


In today’s world, automation industry is the highly growing field, because it provides great advantages over the manually controlled industrial applications. Industrial automation provides features such as security, data storage , data transfer and monitoring. This Industrial Gas Monitoring and Controlling system demonstrate  an application to make it useful in  industrial station automation system. In this project we have used multiple sensors to sense the various parameters and acquire data. Zigbee module is used to transfer data to remote monitoring location.

Industrial Gas Monitoring and Controlling System

   The remote monitoring station consists of a server PC to continuously receives data from the zigbee receiver module, then it displays those values in Graphical User Interface. It helps the user to easily understand the current status of industrial conditions and also in generating the periodic reports of the same, the user can also take controlling action using GSM technology.

Block Diagram:


Industrial Gas Monitoring and Controlling System Block Diagram

Block diagram description

CO2 Sensor:
CO2 is used to measure the amount of co2  present in the air, the sensors output voltage varies in proportion to the CO2  in air.

Methane sensor:
It measures methane present in the atmosphere from 0 to 100% volume with resolution of 0.01 % for 0-10% methane and 0.1% for 10-100% volume.

Temperature e sensor (LM35): 
Temperature e sensor will sense the temperature change in the specified area and accordingly produce the output voltage. The LM35 series are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensors. It’s output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius (Centigrade) temperature.

Micro-controller is used to acquire the data from the various sensors and process it in order to make it available for user in standard format like decimal values. It also store the data in internal memory for future use, it is responsible for providing commands to entire system.

Zigbee Module:
Zigbee is an established set of specifications for Wireless Personal Area Networking (WPAN) i.e, digital radio connections between computers and related devices. It is targeted at Radio-Frequency (RF) applications which require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking. 

Server PC:
it is used for the monitoring purpose. It will allow user to control and monitor data as per the requirement. For this a special GUI (Graphical User Interface) is used.


What Does ZigBee Do?

  1. Designed for wireless controls and sensors
  2. Operates in Personal Area Networks (PAN’s) and device-to-device networks
  3. Connectivity between small packet devices
  4. Control of lights, switches, thermostats, appliances, etc

Project Working

  1. Industrial Station: In operation room all the sensors will measure various industrial parameters and convert them into voltage or current signals. Micro-controller will acquire data for this sensors and it will perform the mathematical operations in order to convert it into standard format, it also sends this data to Zigbee module Microcontroller. The Zigbee module will transmit that data to control room.
  2. Control Room: In control room another Zigbee module will receive this data and it will send it to micro-controller, the controller will process this data and sends it to PC via RS- 232 Standards. The pc contains GUI (Graphical User Interface).


This  system provides great security as user can monitor the system remotely.

It provide features like data storage, data transfer which helps user to maintain the record of.



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