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Remote monitoring of transformer


Remote Monitoring of Transformer:

The main aim of the Remote Monitoring of transformer is to acquire real-time data of distribution transformers remotely over internet falling under the category of Internet of Things-IOT. As we know, in our power system the transformer and generator are our expensive and important equipment’s.  If anyone from both is damage or trip due to any reason such as temperaturecurrent or voltage then the whole supply would be switched offed. Then the time and money both would be waste, so the real-time monitoring of transformer and generator is mandatory for supplying the smooth supply to the consumer. Different companies and peoples are working for the real-time monitoring and protection of these expensive equipment’s but their system cost and size is so much high anywhere in the world.

Remote Monitoring of TransformerHere we have designed a system that is called the remote monitoring of transformer /generator health over internet with the help of pic microcontroller 18F 452, temperature sensor, current sensor, voltage sensor, Wi-Fi module and analogue to digital converter. By using this system, the user or supply company can easily check the instant status of their transformer or generator at their homes through the internet WI-FI service. Pic micro-controller is used in this embedded system project project. you may also like to check pic micro-controller tutorials for beginners and experts.

 The power supply consists of a step down transformer 230/12V, which steps down the voltage to 12V AC. This is converted to DC using a Bridge rectifier and it is then regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805. It is required for the operation of the micro-controller , 3.3 volt for the Wi-Fi unit and other components. 

Block Diagram:

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