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Final year Project Guidance Pune, Readymade electronics projects

Welcome to the E-Bridge technologies, best project Guidance and training centre in Pune for engineering and Diploma students. Here you’ll find a growing collection of rich Final Year Projects, you can select the project one which you prefer & likes. We provide Latest final year projects to students of BE & Diploma.

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Projects available in Embedded system, IEEE, Micro controller Based, Raspberry Pi, ARM Cortex, ARM 7, 8051 Based, electronics and telecommunication engineering, Based on ARM , GPS , GSM, AVR Micro controller.

We are expert in Projects on ZIGBEE, RFID, GSM, Bluetooth, NFC, IOT, Embedded Systems projects in electronics.

All the students will get:

  • Complete technical project guidance and documentation will be provided to every student.
  • All the projects are available in assembled condition and kit will consists of P.C.B., circuit diagram/block diagram, components, software, hardware, technology survey, documentation etc.
  • Students can design and implement project, learn to use various electronics tools for designing, hardware and software coding design
  • under our supervision and they can gain professional experience and confidence too.
  • At E-Bridge Technologies we focus on practical knowledge to help students to know to the requirements of electronics industry which in turn help them in placement and career.
  • We also offer short time, onsite training for the colleges / institutes in case of bulk requirement.
  • Training will be provided by the experienced working professionals of the embedded industry.
  • We also offer on-line support to all our students in case of any difficulty in making or operating the project.
  • 24 Hrs project deliveries can be arranged on special occasions at extra cost.
  • In depth Knowledge and training of Technology used in projects.
  • Training on basic electronics designing processes and methods.
  • Programming languages used in software coding like embedded c
  • Introduction to PCB designing and tools used for P.C.B. designing.
  • Testing and quality assurance methodologies
  • Assembling, soldering and component mounting on P.C.B.
  • Recent trends and career in embedded industry.
  • E-Bridge also offers on-line support to all students.
  • At E-Bridge Technologies, We work with advance technologies and applications which will be helpful for students for projects as well as future career. We have achieved this by creating and perfecting the global department and delivery of high quality, high value services, reliable and cost effective solutions.

Our Trainers and Engineers are ready to provide technical assistance even after your Training. We are committed to student’s satisfaction.

Third Year Projects / Diploma Projects List:
For Project Details and Enquiry Call On: 9028786784
Mobile Controlled Robot
Mobile Controlled Home appliances
Public Garden Automation
Green House Automation
Micro Controller based automatic Saline end central monitoring
Micro controller based automation of Drilling Robot
Micro Controller Based Automation of Robotics Arm for Drilling
Micro Controller based blood glucose measurement system
Micro Controller based body height and weight measurement
Micro Controller Based Breath Rate Monitoring System
Micro Controller based canteen automation using smart cards.
Micro Controller Based Car Black Box Using GSM Techniques
Micro controller based Dam control system for power Generation
Micro Controller based data logger for restaurants and canteens
Micro Controller Based Digital Card Dash Board with Data Recording Facility
Micro controller based digital screw gauge using stepper motors
Micro Controller Based ECG Waveforms Monitoring Using Graphical LCD
Micro Controller Based Energy Saver and Auto Switching Using IR Sensors
Micro Controller based energy saver using GSM technique (Manual mode)
Micro Controller Based EVM Using Thumb Scanning
Micro Controller based gas plant monitoring system
Micro Controller based Library Management System
Micro Controller Based Milk Collection System for Dairies
With/Without Printer Facility
Micro Controller Based Office Automation Using GSM Techniques
Micro Controller Based Online Result Announcement System
Micro Controller Based Optical Power Meter for Fiber Optics Cable
Micro Controller Based Patient Monitoring System Using GSM
Micro controller Based PC keyboard interface (PS2)
Micro controller Based personal remainder DIARY system
Micro Controller based postpaid energy meter
Micro Controller Based Prepaid Parking System
Micro Controller Based Railway Detection System Using RFID and GSM
Micro Controller Based Railway Traffic Monitoring and Control System
Micro Controller based real time elevator control system
Micro Controller Based Relay Tester
Micro Controller based robotics arm control using GSM OR RF techniques
Micro Controller Based Rolling Display for Bus with Voice Announcement
Micro controller based security system with parameters controlling
for building automation with GSM technique
Micro controller based Smart attendance monitoring and recording system
Micro Controller based solar tracking system using GSM techniques.
Micro Controller Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Pwm Techniques.
Micro Controller based stepper motor controller with LCD facility
Micro Controller Based Tele control Switch
Micro Controller Based Toll Collection System Using Rfid Technique
Micro Controller Based Traffic Light Controller
Micro Controller Based Two Way Prepaid Electricity Billing System Using GSM.
Micro Controller based visitor counter
Micro Controller based wireless automation of Power Substation using GSM.
Micro Controller Based Wireless Data Acquisition System Using Laser Techniques
Micro Controller Testing and Development Board
Microcontroller based automatic dam shutter open close system
Microcontroller Based Automatic Railway Track Changer
Microcontroller Based Automatic Sorting Of Objects in Assembly Lines
Microcontroller Based Automatic Target Tracking and Shooting Gun
Microcontroller Based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system
Microcontroller Based Boiler Management System
Microcontroller Based Car Security System
Microcontroller Based Code Lock with Security Telephone Dialer
Microcontroller Based Digital Autotransformer
Microcontroller Based Distance Meter
Microcontroller Based Fire Detection and Early Warning System
Microcontroller Based Fuel Injection System for Automobiles
Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Meter Using ECG
Microcontroller Based IC Tester
Microcontroller based intelligent bank security system
Microcontroller based Logical Operation Simulator
Microcontroller based maximum demand controller for industry
Microcontroller Based Moving Message Display
Microcontroller Based Pacemaker with ECG Feedback
Microcontroller Based Patient care Monitoring and Information system
Microcontroller Based PID Controller
Microcontroller Based Process Control System
Microcontroller Based Programmable Punching Machine
Microcontroller based Quiz System
Microcontroller based Signal Generator
Microcontroller Based Soil Analyzer
Microcontroller Based Temperature Data Logging On PC
Microcontroller Based Temperature-Monitoring System
Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Robot
Microcontroller Based Wireless Electric Meter Reader and Logger -IR Based
Microcontroller Based Wireless Multipurpose Controller
Microcontroller based XY Positioning System
Microcontroller Based Digital files system
Microprocessor Based Thermometer Device
Micro Controller Based Automation of Robotics Arm for Test Tube
Filling Application with Pc Interface
Military Application
Mine Rescuer
Mobile Phone based Device Control
Mobile Phone Operated Surveillance Robot
Automated Remote Data Logger
Automated Vehicle Detection and Collision Avoidance System
Automatic Bottle Filling System
Automatic Car Parking System
Automatic college bell
Automatic Control of Unmanned Rail Gate
Automatic Dish Antenna Position Corrector
Automatic Drug Delivery System – Either Salt Tester or Glucose Sensor Based
Automatic Garage Door Control with Safety System
Automatic Induction Motor Starter with Programmable Timer
Automatic Paper Evaluation System
Automatic Path Finder Robotic Buggy
Automatic Pressure Measurement and Controlling Using Relays
Automatic Railway Gate Control
Automatic Railway Signaling System
Automatic robotic vehicle navigation using RF-FSK and GSM technique
Automatic Saline end central monitoring system
Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR
Automatic Toll Tax
Automatic Vehicle Navigation Using RF and GSM Techniques
Automatic Water Level Sensing & Over Head Tank Control System
Automation of Bottle Filling Plant Using Micro Controller.
Automation of Electrical Power Substation
Automation of Hyperbaric Chamber Using Micro Controller
Automation of Poultry Farm Using Micro Controller
Autonomous Robot for Military Applications
AVR based Digital Thermometer and Controller
AVR Testing and Development Kit
Baby Incubator Parameters Monitoring and Control System
Bank Locker Security System
Bank/Railway Enquiry System
Bidirectional Speed Control of Small Dc Motor and RPM Counter
Bidirectional Visitor Counter
Biomedical data transmission system with central monitoring and controlling system
Bluetooth based Car Lock and Ignition control
Bluetooth Home Automation
Bottle Filling Plant
Building Automation and Security System
Bus Arrival Indication System
Canteen Automation using Smart Card
Card less Security System
Categorized Alarm Annunciater
Cell/Ultrasonic / Bottle Neck
Central System for Hospitals for Patient’s Tablets Reminder
Collision Avoidance System for Four Wheelers
Complete Home Automation
Computerized Drilling Machine
Computerized pick and place crane
Conditional Access System
Constant Job Performing Robot
Control Using ARM Based Embedded System
Controlling Desktop Pc Using Mobile Handset
Corner Adapting Motorcycle Headlight
Data Acquisition Robotic Vehicle using Micro controllers And Stepper motors.
Data Acquisition System for 8-channels
Data Acquisition System Using Optical Fiber Communication
Data Communication through Laser for Two Micro Controllers
DC Motor Control through Telephone Line
DC Motor Speed Control Using IR & PWM
DC Motor Speed Control using PC serial port
DC Motor speed control using PWM with speed display
Design for an Automated Door Locks (Smart Keyless Entry)
Digital Alarm Clock
Digital Calendar (Day, Date, Year)
Digital Humidity Meter and Temperature Meter
Digital IC Tester
Digital Object Counter
Digital PID Controller
Digital Security Lock
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer and Controller
Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor
DTMF Based Remote Control System
DTMF Based Remote Monitoring System
ECG event recording system using Micro controller and RTC
ECG waveform monitoring and plotting using Graphical LCD
EEPROM Based Multimedia Advertising
Efficient Air Conditioner System
Eight Channel PID Controller with Database
Eight Channel R.F. Load Control
Electrical Power Control using SCR
Electronic Card Lock System
Electronic Document Management System
Electronic Intruder Detection and Warning System
Electronic Score Board for Basket Ball
Electronic Voting Machine
Element Boiler Drum Level Controller
Embedded car black box using ARM-7 Micro Controllers GSM techniques
Embedded device for office automation using GSM techniques
Embedded Length Measurement System
Embedded Shutter Opener with Code Lock & Security Features
Embedded System for Inventory Management
Embedded TCP/IP Library
Embedded Web Server for Remote Access
Encrypted Wireless Data Communication
Face Recognition
Face Recognition Using Mat lab
Fire detection and fire fighting Robot
Flashing Light Display
Gate Access Control System
General Purpose DC Motor Vehicle (Smart)
General Purpose Digital Password Lock System
General Purpose IR Data Communication Link
General Purpose Stepper Motor Vehicle (Accurate)
General Purpose utility Vehicle for Military Applications
GPS and GSM based bus locator and tracking system for bus transport department
Gps based aero plane tracking and online data logging system
GPS based animal locator system for Forest department and animal sanctuaries
Gps based navigation system for blind
Gps based online tracking for commercial oil tank or ships
GPS based Secured ATM cash carrying van
GPS based Tour Assistant with voice announcement
GPS Based Tracking System for Automobiles
Gps data logger
Graphics LCD Based Image Display System

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