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Matlab Projects in pune

Matlab projects Pune, IEEE MATLAB Project Guidance Pune

we provide all type of MATLAB Projects in image Processing.

here is list of some projects apart from this list any project of BE or ME level can be implemented in MATLAB.

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MATLAB Projects List

  •   Automatic Vehicle Identification by number Plate recognition
  •   Face recognition based on edge detection algorithm with hard
  •   Fingerprint Recognition and Matching with Display
  •   IRIS Recognition System using Principal Component Analysis(P
  •   signature verification based on global features
  •   Development of an automatic system to determine gems’ shapes and dimensions
  •   Finger print scanner base attendance system
  •   Hi Tech Car Workshop
  •   Devnagri Printed Characters Reorganization Using Neural
  •   Robust Shadow Detection & Optimum Removal of Shadow in Video Sequences
  •   Automatic Face Detection Using Color Based Segmentation
  •   Gesture Recognition with Neural Networks
  •   Handwritten Signature Recognition and Verification with ANN
  •   Orthogonal Frequency Division multiplexing
  •   MOSFET Modeling Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Syste+
  •   Voltage-Mode CMOS Quaternary Logic Design
  •   Partial Shape Matching
  •   Gaze Tracking Using Image Processing
  •   Local features for enhancement and minutiae extraction in fingerprints
  •   Vehicle tracking system using 3-d model
  •   Advanced Fingerprint image enhancement using the filtering techniques
  •   Use of color visual cryptography for Multiple image sharing
  •   Digital image compression using Wavelet transform
  •   Development of Edge Detection Algorithm
  •   Development of Biomedical signal Processing
  •   Development of application as Vessel detection
  •   Development of Speech Recognition Using Vector Quantization
  •   Development of speech Synthesis
  •   Industrial BLDC motor control systems
  •   Automatic vehicle identification by plate recognition

Some more Latest IEEE MATLAB projects

1) A Two-Level FH-CDMA Scheme for Wireless Communication Systems over Fading Channels.

2) Efficient SNR Estimation in OFDM System.

3) IMAGE Resolution Enhancement by Using Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition.

4) A Fast Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Speech Enhancement.

5) Quality Assessment of Deblocked Images.

6) Number Plate Recognition for Use in Different Countries Using an Improved Segmentation.


8) Stationary and Non-Stationary noise removal from Cardiac Signals using a Constrained Stability Least Mean Square Algorithm.

9) A New ZCT Precoded OFDM System with Pulse Shaping: PAPR Analysis.

10) Candidate Architecture for MIMO LTE-Advanced Receivers with Multiple Channels Capabilities and Reduced Complexity and Cost.

11) Super-Resolution Method for Face Recognition Using Nonlinear Mappings on Coherent Features.

12) A Single Image Enhancement using Inter-channel Correlation.

13) Adaptive Steganalysis of Least Significant Bit Replacement in Grayscale Natural Images.

14) HAIRIS: A Method for Automatic Image Registration Through Histogram-Based Image Segmentation.

15) Non-blind Watermarking scheme for color images in RGB space using DWT-SVD.

16) Research and implementation of information hiding based on RSA and HVS.

17) Audio Forensic marking using Quantization in DWT-SVD Domain.

18) Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise Through Modified Decision Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter.

19) Color Constancy for Multiple Light Sources.

20) Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture RadarImages based on Image Fusion and Fuzzy Clustering.

21) On Performance Improvement of Wireless Push Systems via Smart Antennas.

22) A Semisupervised Segmentation Model for Collections of Images.

23) Secure Communication in the Low-SNR Regime.

24) Interpolation-Based Image Super-Resolution Using Multisurface Fitting.

25) Illumination Recovery from Image with Cast Shadows via Sparse Representation.

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