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IOT Electronic Door Opener

IOT Electronic Door Opener:

Opening and closing the door have become boring, so this “IOT Electronic Door Opener” makes the task easy for the door opener. This system is very helpful in malls, hotels, railway stations, Bus Stands, Big houses, and many other security offices. This Electronic Door Opener is used for automation and security purposes. This project tries to fulfill the same using IOT technology over the electronic door lock making.

This automation and security simultaneously achieved through web connectivity through which a user can open and close the door. IOT based Electronic Door Opener is controlled by microcontroller. This project runs on the internet using wifi module.

IOT Electronic Door Opener


Working of IOT Electronic Door Opener:

On the website, once the authorized person logs in he gets a direct access of the door to open or close it. When a command from the web interface received to open the door, it instructs the relevant drivers to start the motor of the door in a particular direction till the door fully opens and then stop. Likewise, when a command from the web interface received to close the door, controller instructs the relevant drivers to rotate in counter direction till the door fully closes. In this way the automation and security is achieved using this project. 

To open the door automatically without any net connectivity, we can use Automatic Door Opener system. This system uses different sensors like Infrared, pressure, ultrasonic, laser etc. This project helps in monitoring the door by detecting the presence of a human. By using infrared sensor, we can detect human presence because all humans emit infrared radiations . 

This change in infrared pattern is converted to a voltage. The voltage from the Data Out of the PIR Sensor can be given to a micro-controller for further processing like controlling a motor etc.

Block Diagram:

electronic door opener block diagram

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