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IOT Based Wheelchair Fall Detection

IOT Based Wheelchair Fall Detection

This IOT based wheelchair fall detection is created for old age people. It is necessary to take care of old age people because they can’t move due to the weakness and joints paint. It is important to know if an old age person has fallen from wheelchair so that we can help them on time. Also we need to check the people on wheelchair for fall detection. For this purpose we have a smart fall detection system. The system uses accelerometer sensor to detect person movements. When the person makes some movements we automatically get to know his movements. We can detect the movements of a person by mounting accelerometer sensor on person’s hand or wheelchair. The sensor is connected to a microcontroller in order to constantly transmit the acceleration data.

IOT Based Wheelchair Fall Detection

IOT Based Wheelchair Fall Detection Working:

The system keeps monitoring for fall detection and abrupt movement changes in person. A sudden abrupt change with jerk in the system is treated as a fall. Now in case the person did not fall and alarm was false, the system allows to snooze the alert if person presses snooze button in 5 seconds. If person does not press the snooze, system detects person has fallen and automatically triggers alert through wifi connection to alert the loved ones of the person about the situation instantly.

Hardware Specifications

  • Accelerometer Sensor: This accelerometer sensor is used to detect the person whether he/she has fallen down or going to falling down. We need to mount this sensor on the wheelchair or person’s hand
  • Atmega 328 Microcontroller: This microcontroller is used to transmit the acceleration data.
  • Wifi Modem: This system is run with the help of internet connectivity through wifi modem
  • LCD Display: Through LCD Display we can see wheelchair person.


Software Specifications

  • Arduino Compiler
  • MC Programming Language: 

Block Diagram


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