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GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system

GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system

GPS and GSM based School bus tracking systemFree-shipping Output-guaranteed

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GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system

Free Shipping in India
Free Shipping in India


You will get a CD with this project:

CD contains following things:

  1. Project Report in pdf format and in word format ( .doc or .docx )
  2. Circuit diagram
  3. PCB layout
  4. Microcontroller Program in assembly language
  5. Hex file of the Microcontroller code
  6. Datasheets of all the components / ICs used in the project
  7. Power point presentation / PPT file

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Children are our most precious resource, but as children, they are lack of skills to protect themselves. So it is our responsibility, as parents, teachers and as a person, to safeguard children and to teach them the skills to be safe.
GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system
Today, most of students are traveling to school by school buses or school vans. Parents think that their kids are safe when they travel by school bus. But are they really safe? There are many common problems such as students getting kidnapped out of school, bus getting delayed in traffic and your kid is last one to get down in bus and is alone in bus. So we can’t exactly say that they are safe with school bus.
What, if it is possible to track the bus? Find out whether they are in trouble? Or even why they are late? And also, are you fed-up with calling here and there?
“School bus tracking project can be introduced to overcome these problems. In this project it will continuously send text SMS to the user containing longitude and latitude of location of school bus. Once user or parent receives the sms, then by using those data and Google maps the user could easily track the bus. By routing and scheduling process school management will be able to figure out the distance each bus travels, recognize stops where students are being picked up, how long until it arrives and even number of students remaining in the bus. And also this will enhance operational efficiency and saves money. GPS Tracker project is required to improve the safety of school children and remove unwanted money wastes.
Traffic in the school time is one of the headaches which everyone faces. By enhancing this project we can make additional services to the society other than school children’s safety. By the daily traffic analysis the bus can sent through the most suitable route which will help to reduce the traffic in the urban areas (one solution to the urban crisis). And also this will enhance operational efficiency and saves money.
GPS School bus tracking device is a compact unit. GPS, GSM technologies are merged into one device. Being a single piece of hardware, it is relatively effortless to install this device in quick time. The quality of hardware ensures there would be minimum maintenance required and provides the maximum service to the user.

Block Diagram:

GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system

Description in detail:

GPS tracker for school bus consists of a 8051 microcontroller (89s51), GPS module, GSM module, LCD and a keypad.
GPS Modem: After GPS module connected to minimum required satellites, it will find co-ordinates of its location and sends those data to microcontroller.
Microcontroller: Then the microcontroller sends data to LCD display and GSM module. The microcontroller does all the operations. It handles both input and outputs.
LCD Display: LCD displays shows longitude and latitude of location. LCD display basically displays information about position and working conditions.
GSM Modem: GSM module sends data via SMS to user. GSM module sends data through GSM network to anywhere in the world.
MAX232: Here MAX232 is used to converts signals from serial data.
Keypad: It is used to send any one of 4 emergency messages. Keypad can be used by bus driver.

Applications and Advantages:

There are many Applications of GPS tracker for school bus, few of them are listed below:
1) This project has main application in School bus.
2) It can also be used for kids tracking, or we can say human tracking.

Advantages of GSM based school bus tracker using GPS:
1) As mentioned above, it mainly targets to child safety.
2) It will save lots of money. By using the bus routing and traffic analysis more efficient route can be found.
3) This project offers navigation, time, attendance, and real-time school bus tracking. By using this, you can stay stress free and your children are also safe.

Future Development:

1) Accuracy increasing, finding most efficient route. GPS + GLONASS module can be used instead of GPS module, which will improve the accuracy of the position for < 1m. Glonass module filters unwanted noise signals and it improves the quality of the relevant signal.
2) Wireless Security camera can be added to project. By using a security camera, parents or users can monitor their children inside the bus.

Video of the project: GSM and GPS based school bus tracking system

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Question and answers about this project:

Question : What is the minimum number of satellites required to find a location?

Answer : 3 satellites (but less accurate).

Question : Why GSM based transmission is very important to this type of project?

Answer : The data needs to be transmitting for long distance. And also it is necessary to do it in wireless. A hi-power transmitter based on radio frequency, satellite based system or GSM base system required. So GSM system is more reliable and low cost.


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