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Diploma Projects

We Are providing Diploma projects for final year students in pune & rest of Maharashtra.

We provide electronics projects for final year diploma students. there are many latest micro controller topics for final year students. diploma students prefer projects on 8051 microcontroller . Their are many applications of 8051 microcontroller. we have more than 1000 topics on  8051 for diploma students. Every student will get circuit diagram, pcb layout, component layout, circuit description, block diagram, flow chart, program algorithm and all the datasheet.

Here is list of some projects for details call : 9028786784

Microcontroller Based LIGHT Intensity Tracker

Automatic Emergency Torch

Electronic Voting Machine

Fingerprint Based Security System

Micro controller Based Multi pattern Running Lights

Microcontroller Based LED Chaser

Microcontroller Interfaced to eight LED’s and eight switches

PC -Microcontroller communication

Remote Controlled Digital Clock

RF based Automatic meter reading

RF Based Remote control System

Contact less AC Mains Voltage Detector

Darkness Controlled Light switch

Digital Countdown Timer (ATC)

Forest Fire Monitoring System Based on GSM and Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network

Real time Industrial Parameter graphical plotting and Task Scheduling using ARM Powered LPC2148

Remote Measurement and Control System for Green House Based on GSM-SMS

Automatic Car Parking System

Vehicle tracking system using GPS technology and ARM

Vehicle Tracking System (City Bus)

Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM technology

Micro controller based programmable universal multi timing system.

Vehicle Toll Collection Management system.

Count down watch for IT and other Industries.

Auto wiper speed controller according to rain force.

Automated Headlight Brightness switch.

Microcontroller based ignition locking and car protection system.

Microcontroller Based Sinusoidal PWM Inverter for Photovoltaic application.

Real time Geezer and water pumping motor controller with auto level detector.

A Novel Vehicle Safety Model: Vehicle Speed Controller under Driver fatigue.

Propeller LED Display System.

Drowsy driver sleep detector and alerter.

For More Details Call on: 9028786784

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