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Bank ATM Security System

Bank ATM Security System    


Bank ATM Security System

User ATM security is the prime concern for every bank as it helps banks to achieve customer satisfaction and provides opportunities for them to grow their business. The user always looks for a bank which provides him the safe and secure banking solutions with minimum risk factor. This Bank ATM Security System provides security for the user ATM’s provided by the banks. For this, it takes the help of GSM Technology, each use will have a unique code for ATM transaction. User needs to enter the code while opening the ATM the security system and it generates a unique encrypted code for user access and sends SMS  to user with the help of GSM module attached, user needs to enter this code in order to open the account in an ATM within a specific time frame, otherwise the system locks the door and denies the access. 

Block Diagram:

Bank ATM Security System block diagram

Project Description:

This is the most important segment of the project, i.e. the micro-controller 8051 The controller is responsible for detection and polling of the peripherals status. It is responsible for making. It is responsible for prioritizing all the devices attached to it.  We have used the ATMEL 89s51 micro-controller. The AT89S51 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 4-bit micro-controller with 8K bytes of in-system programmable Flash memory. It has got 32 I/O lines, Watchdog timer, two data pointers, two 16-bit timer/counters, six-vector two-level interrupt architecture, a full duplex serial port, on-chip oscillator, and a clock circuitry.

GSM Modem
GSM module is used to establish communication between a computer and a GSM-GPRS system. Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is an architecture used for mobile communication in most of the countries. Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an extension of GSM that enables higher data transmission rate. GSM module consists of a GSM  modem assembled together with power supply circuit and communication interfaces (like RS-232, USB, etc) for computer. The MODEM is the soul of such modules.

Mobile Phone 
 In this project we have used one cell phones for user to send SMS with unique password. The cell phone will use GSM Network for communication

have used 4*4 keypad interfaced with the microcontroller, so that use can enter his ATM number and other mandatory information.

Door Motor and Alarm Circuit:
We have used a DC motor for door and a buzzer in order to raise an alarm signal.


  1. Bank ATM Security System provides a high level of security using GSM technology. 
  2. Security is ensured even if the unauthorized user tries to open the ATM with the valid user id, as the encrypted code will only be sent to valid user cell phone
  3. Low cost, easy to use
  4. System can be easily modify for new users


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