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Automated Student Attendance System with GSM Technology

Automated Student Attendance System with GSM Technology


The emergence of electronic paradigm for learning compared to traditional method and availability of almost all information , nowadays have caused students to be less motivated to come to the lecture rooms than ever before. In addition to all these challenges, the attendances are recorded manually by the tutor. There arises a need for a more efficient and effective method of solving this problem. So, we have created this Automated Student Attendance System to keep track of student’s attendance automatically.It is created by using RFID technology which is an automated identification and data collection technology.

Automated Student Attendance System With GSM Technology

Education has become an important part of our life. Parents are very much worried about their children whether they are attending the classes properly or not. They even don’t have time to monitor their children with their busy works.Nowadays, due to fast life style parents don’t have time to drop their children at school, so mostly the small children also travel by bus or auto. As the small children go by public transport, parents don’t know whether their child reaches to school or not. It is the time consuming task for parents to check regular presence of the students to the college. 

But this project gives the intimation to the parents about the bunking of the student for the college through GSM SMS. This project consists of RFID and GSM. The systems also have integrated with the RFID Database Handling System for a fully functional system. The information from RFID Database handling System will be used for attendance and for SMS Alert also.

Block Diagram:

Automated Student Attendance System with GSM Technology

GSM Modem

GSM/GPRS module is used to establish communication between a computer and aGSM-GPRS system. Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is an architecture used for mobile communication in most of the countries. Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an extension of GSM that enables higher data transmission rate. GSM/GPRS module consists of a GSM/GPRS modem assembled together with power supply circuit and communication interfaces (like RS-232, USB, etc) for computer. The MODEM is the soul of such modules.

Wireless MODEMs

Wireless MODEMs are the MODEM devices that generate, transmit or decode data from a cellular network, for establishing communication between the cellular network and the computer. These are manufactured for specific cellular network (GSM/UMTS/CDMA) or specific cellular data standard (GSM/UMTS/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA) or technology (GPS/SIM). Wireless MODEMs like other MODEM devices use serial communication to interface with and need Hayes compatible AT commands for communication with the computer (any microprocessor or microcontroller syste

GSM/GPRS MODEM is a class of wireless MODEM devices that are designed for communication of a computer with the GSM and GPRS network. It requires a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card just like mobile phones to activate communication with the network. Also they have IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number similar to mobile phones for their identification. A GSM/GPRS MODEM can perform the following opera


  1. Embedded C
  2. Keil IDE
  3. Uc-Flash


  • Microcontroller
  • GSM Module
  • RFID Module

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