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Android Letter Box

Android Letter Box:


Android Letter Box


The Android Mobile Phone Platform by Google becomes more and more popular among software developers, because of its powerful capabilities and open architecture, so we have created this Android Letter Box. As it is based on the java programming language, its ideal lecture content of specialised computer science courses. We think it is a great platform for a robotic system control, as it provides plenty of resources and already integrates a lot of sensors. The java language makes the system very attractive to apply state-of-the-art software engineering techniques, which is our main research topic. In this Android Letter Box Project we are using Android application, GSM  technology  and Micro-controller to solve the problem.

Android Letter Box

As the time moves, the life style of the people has completely changed and there is no time for the people for micro management of every issue personally. So, this is the right time to provide some space to the technology into our lives for monitoring the issues. 

One among those issues is our personal presence at the time of receiving the letter when the letter box boy comes to our house. This may results to the delay in receiving the letter. So our project aim is to provide a very reliable and very user friendly solution to overcome this kind of problem.Now a days we are using simple letter box system to deliver things. The main problem is, people forget to check the mail box or they are not available at home. This Problem was overcome by using this Android Letter Box.


Block Diagram:

Android Letter Box Block Diagram


Project Working:

In this project the hardware system will continuously monitor the letter box in order to check the incoming letters which uses GSM technology to send the alerts to android application on user phone which provides the user easy navigation and accesss for all notifications and alerts of his letter box.


Android SDK


Embedded C


Flash downloader



GSM modem

Microcontroller Unit

Serial communication set

Infrared Sensor


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